Supraconscious You

Supraconscious Breakthrough

Become the Supraconscious Actor of your life. The one for whom life springs from spiritual intuition.

Learn everything you need to become an authentic human actor artist parent director student and experience multiple breakthrough transformations in your life.

Explore PAD, the revolutionary Theory and Method, the foundation for acting in all fields in life and on stage.
Discover the Genius within You and participate in Master Classes and Academies designed just for you.
Maria Olon

Maria Olon Tsaroucha

An actor, performer, director and educator. Founder of the Supraconscious Breakthrough and P.A.D. method and author of the Amazon’s best seller book “SupraConscious—The Genius within You“.

Conquer your spiritual path to wholeness

Supraconscious Breakthrough is the path of translating and decoding, frame by frame the experience, creating a new transitional space where everything is in motion, continuously actualizing that Alma-Quantum Leap of being. Cultivation of witnessing awareness in Method acting can awaken all humans to the fundamental reality of existence beyond the roles we play.

This is meditation in action.

It is also the most advanced Theory and Method for artists that contains all the secrets that unite art with the philosophy of Quantum Physics and Spirit.


What is P.A.D.?

SupraConscious—The Genius within You

New release

The Genius within You​

This book is the core textbook of a quantum science of acting on stage and in life. At a time when the arts and sciences converge more than ever, PAD speaks about a contemporary, tangible meta-physics, fusing theories of quantum physics with mindfulness and the famous Method of the Actors’ Studio, in a new harmony.
Deepak Chopra MD
Deepak Chopra MDPioneer of integrative medicine and author of 90 books
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"Maria Olon Tsaroucha has written SupraConscious, The Genius Within You, a very important book. Cultivation of witnessing awareness in method acting can awaken us to the fundamental reality of existence beyond the roles we play.

This is meditation in action.

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